The brief interlude was a few days of Spring – the frog spawn arrived but the hedgehog remained under its pile of leaves, but we are now back to winter and the pond is frozen again.

There has been progress, problems to be resolved and despite a few days stuck in the house I am content that I have been able to work around the weather.

I have completed my ‘A Yard of’ Series – Lace, Madder Chintz and Woven Silk. There are only two in each edition and I have felt really pleased with the way they have turned out and I look forward to taking them to the Makers Fair in Saltaire at the beginning of May ( surely the snow will have gone by then!).








My printing experiments which began in my last post, here, have been printed. I quite like them but I’m not sure that they get me anywhere, but somehow that isn’t the point – a little germ of the process will follow through to future work.