My last book has been completed for Printfest which is at the end of the week – I am really looking forward to this event as when I took part in 2015 it was lively, interesting and so much fun.

This book called ‘Baroque Lace II’ began as several small ‘house’ shaped prints, see here the prints are now combined with two other layers and linen thread to evoke ideas of heavy linen lace at the end of a sleeve.

I am also taking to Printfest some framed pieces and some prints for my browser stand.

Here are the framed prints on my desk for their final labelling and polishing before joining the piles of stuff to be taken!



In the midst of organising my work an idea came to me and I always feel that you just have to run with it, so interspersed with domesticity and packing up I worked out these two designs inspired by the quote from 1730 sent from London to India, “Send us some chintz in running flowers and not in single sprigs”


I had not intended to design a second plate but in the time that it took a cake to bake it was drawn!

Here are the plates ready to ink up and print


and here they are printed, the top one is in a silvery grey and the bottom in black ink.


They are now waiting to be fully dry before being made into books
For me, it’s important to create and not merely to produce and so it’s glorious when an idea comes and there is the space to pursue it – I can still feel the delight of the idea several days later.