I generally find that the best ideas flash up in the mind – if they have to be dragged out then they seem to lack the spark of inspiration and joy.

My idea is “Edges” I know that it sounds very under whelming but here are my notes which I have written to underpin my idea.

We never see the whole of anything, there is always more to behold, more stories to be told about what happens beyond our view, over the edge or over the horizon and this for me is particularly relevant when working with fragments.

My fragments of textiles come in all shapes and sizes, some are museum quality some are scraps, but they all have travelled a long way and have had a chequered past until they arrived on my desk where they are now treasured objects.
Part of their story is the perimeter, the edges -

When I have been in the position to purchase textile fragments it hasn’t always been the beautiful pristine piece that catches my eye but the pieces with the seams, rips, evidence of past uses and alterations that grab my attention – they have an interesting story to tell.

Is the edge the same all round?
Is it ripped, cut, hemmed or an unpicked seam?
Does the edge follow the style of the article?
Or is it totally random?
Has the fragment had a use or is it just a fragment for study?
Do the edges follow the design on the fabric?
What can be learnt from the edges?
What relevance do any selvedges have?

An unpicked seam is a mysterious edge -
Why and when was it unpicked? – a conscious action.
Was it remade into another item?
How many times has it been unpicked?
What kind of seam was it?
A seam is a middle but an unpicked seam is an edge.

So I’m going to consider these edges and explore what would have laid beyond them, so taking their story further.

The images are of close ups of some of my textile fragments and below are the three plates, just sealed, for printing hopefully at the weekend. The middle section is to be embossed (ie the area that lies beyond) and every bit of the design is made from thicker card so that the embossing is clearer.