We welcomed over a 100 visitors to my studio as part of North Yorkshire Open Studios during the 4 day, 2 weekends, event – surprisingly most turned up on the wettest day! That probably says much for the hardiness of northerners! Thank you to you all. We had some lovely conversations and Elizabeth and I hope that you enjoyed yourselves.



There always are some quiet times and we take work to keep ourselves occupied and we can then show the visitors how our books are made. Elizabeth brought along one of her printers trays to finish making the small books that fill the compositors trays.

I undertook lots of small tasks, some books were folded and now await covers and gluing. Some new books have been designed, some new plates have been completed and are waiting to be sealed and some papers have been cut and now need to be printed. Two editions of books have been folded and are now out of the book press and need covers and stitching.












My pause is now, I haven’t another event for the next 8 weeks, so I will work through the work already started, a steady progression. The studio is now back to normal but the house and garden need some TLC.

Finally, most visitors commented on my Kalmia Latifolia, The Calico Bush, so here it is in all it’s glory – it usually flowers during Open Studios and this year it did not disappoint!