I quite like the routine of the days and this time of the year takes it all away! One is pulled this way and the other by so many external factors that i’m always pleased to get back into a routine whereby I have some semblance of control.

Over the last week I heard two snippets from the radio which have stayed with me  - “A sense of purpose” and ‘I choose to wake up an optimist, as pessimists don’t get much done” They seem to be appropriate at this time of the year.

I did manage two printing sessions, Boxing Day when husband and son were at the football and New Years day. Both plates were inspired by my favourite piece of Baroque lace and this is an image of the ones printed yesterday. They will be wrapped in tissue paper, placed under a weight and left to dry for a couple of weeks before I can work them into the books that I have in mind.


So with images of my 2018 notebook, (the new cover of the 2019 book is work still underway!)



And so with a sense of purpose I will go and give some thought, some sketching and study as to what comes next.

Good wishes to you all for 2019