I continued my exploration of a slightly new colour scheme – it was a hot toil of work as I suspect I spend more time drying the papers with a hairdryer than I do applying paint!
I finished the session with 20 sheets of mixed papers which I had painted and mono printed several times each so that the surfaces were complex and interesting. I often speak of the memories held in cloth, well I find myself remembering that these paint dishes were what held home made baby food and our son is now 34!!






I also completed 3 sets of books which originated from the printing plate shown last month, see here - I shall take a copy of each to Art in the Pen in Skipton – August 11th and 12th. I am enjoying exploring ideas around silk and unpicked seams and thankfully there are more ideas to investigate. Probably one of the worst anxieties for an artist is to have no new ideas queuing up in the nether regions of the mind!