Usually I tell people that I print during the winter and garden during the summer, but this fortnight has been different – it is either raining, just about to rain or it has stopped but it’s too wet to garden!

I have however been able to get on with my ‘Stories from the Cloth’ – I’m not too sure where the idea came from, possibly from cutting up old tee shirts for dusters etc sewed a germ of an idea.

Fabrics have always been precious, (not just the expensive or embroidered ones) and have been reused, handed down and altered, re-designed for children clothes, clothes made from coverlets, (there are two such pieces in my collection), out of fashion pieces gone to make linings, the list is endless.

So I have set myself the task – to start with a length of ‘cloth’, i.e. a printing plate and to put it to various, diminishing uses. The plate will, like cloth have a limited life, the best bits will be picked out and used and we will see where I get to.


For my first piece of ‘cloth’ I have taken a piece of Chintz, thought I’d start off with a favourite.
The colour is red as Madder dye was the most frequently used and I designed the two plates to add up to a yard.
I then printed some half yards.



Then some prints that are only part of the plate.



And a box full of blind prints measuring 3 x 4cm


Now they are all parcelled up, with their toiles for construction in the next few weeks when they are dry enough to fold. There is still life in the plates, but I haven’t decided what will come next.



I am packing my books, studio pieces and framed prints along with cloths, tables, chairs, packing stuff and lots of things just short of the kitchen sink for Art in the Pen in Skipton next Saturday August 12th and Sunday 13th. Over 190 artists fill the Auction Mart, decorating the pens as small galleries. A really interesting event and one that I along with Elizabeth Shorrock and Joan Newall, together as PagePaperStitch are thrilled to be taking part in again.