I have often said that I garden when it’s fine and am in the studio when it’s wet – well we all know that life isn’t quite like that but I’m sure that you get the idea.

So when we had day when it poured and poured I – (not quite the studio but it was well worth doing), sat at the computer and put 10 new books up into my ‘shop’ page. Do have a look if you are interested.

I did manage to complete an edition of three books, which I have called ‘Frayed at the Edges’ and here are the images of the stages

The curved edges were ripped before going through the press and these dried whilst I was on holiday, so that the were dry enough to fold, oil based inks can take a while to fully dry.



Various papers were painted


The prints were folded and a strip of red tissue paper glued beneath the prints, the blue tissue paper is for the back set of folds



With both the back and front completed I had to choose the colour of thread to bind them together with pamphlet stitches
I chose the red silk







And here are the three books complete with their covers, they just need to go into the book press for a few hours.


Still plenty of gardening to do – there was a frost last night so autumn is certainly on it’s way