I have always considered myself a ‘finisher completer’ and the last 10 days has confirmed that!

We have had the decorator in the house and I have been in the studio from 8.30 in the morning. Prints have been rolling through the press and books have been stitched and glued.

All the red collagraph squares are now folded books, titled Spotted Cloth I and II



and the long prints are folded into uneven concertinas complete with covers with Indian woodblock prints. I have called them ‘Gallery of Fragments’



I have competed a series of cards for the Leeds Book Fair in a few weeks, see the Gallery page.



Despite the gloom I printed and produced two prints for wall framed pieces and because it went so well I changed the press plate to the longer one and printed two lengths which will be folded into concertina books when dry, each small print will have red stitching on them.



I have been looking through the books and prints that I have made over the past few months and most of them fall into the “Farre Fetched and Deare Bought” theme. I find the notion of the two cultures coming together and the enduring designs that followed very uplifting – to think that a round trip to India in the C17th took 18 months – and this was the beginning of what we call Chintz. I’m sure that I will return to the theme again, all it will take is a fragment of a textile to capture my imagination.

I will now be considering ideas and there will be reading and research and I hope that ideas that are just lurking will take the opportunity to surface, I’m sure they will