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My printing from the Baroque Lace plate has moved to the next stage of making the books. The three layered concertina book is in an edition of three and I’m happy with the printing on the ripped paper half circles that form the first layer.

This is another in the series, ‘Baroque Lace III’



and I just had to include this image of the  sunshine falling and so creating a strong shadow through the book and making a pattern from the holes stamped into the top of the concertina book.



This is ‘English Baroque Lace’ as it has a piece of English Needlelace for c1680 embossed above the collagraph print.



It has been a time of lots of little jobs, mainly admin for my forthcoming events, one every few weeks until mid June, see the events page. There are labels to write, cataloging, plans for displays and making sure that the framing is just as I would like it.
I have managed some experimental plates to see how various papers work and I’m pleased to say that all can and will be used in future plates.



There has been time in the garden, the frogspawn is now jiggling about, the blossom is out and the curlews and buzzards are overhead ( separately !!) So many little things to make one smile on a sunny day.