The last few days have been involved with finishing the three book designs, 9 books in total in the Woven Silk part of ‘Stories from the Cloth’ project – I’m sure that there will be more ‘Stories’ but for the moment I am pleased that I have completed my initial task of the four stories and as a body of work I will take them to ‘Pages’ – the Leeds Artists’Book Fair at the beginning of March.

The weather has continued to be grey and the books are lining up to be photographed when it gets a little brighter – however I hope that the following images give an idea of what I have been doing.
This was the original print, with a curved edge. I used a toned down silver oil based ink to represent the silver threads in the cloth which have tarnished over the years



The plate was then cut into strips and then folded and strips of coloured paper glued to the folds – this becomes the coloured spine edge.



They are then cut into 6cm pages – each book has 4 sections of 8 pages and this totals 192cm of collagraph printed edges for each book.



Then they are glued into their sections

and finally fixed into the five pieces of covered grey board for the covers. Only a small amount of construction could be done each day, which probably plays its part in being pleased that the process is complete!

I hope that in my next post there will be good images as that will also mean that we have had some sunshine!