The skies have brightened and it’s a little warmer and the Art Installation from the garden ( i.e. digger, covered in snow), has gone although the laying of flags continues.

The brighter weather has enable me to take some photographs of the books that I have completed in the last month.

Here are three of them and I shall be taking them to the 22nd Leeds International Book Fair at the beginning of next month, see my Events page. This is a great event and I’m very pleased to say that I have participated several times and every time it’s been busy and full of interesting book artists.




I have been continuing with the ‘Unpicked seam’ idea, somehow there is still a different idea lurking but it hasn’t surfaced yet and I’m trying not to try too hard, just to let it come.

So I have made 90 blind prints, all 2.5cm x 6cm in a lightweight Zerkhall Rough paper to be placed within recesses in a thicker paper.

This image shows some of them placed within an inked plate ready to go through the press. All the plates are designed from dress fabrics as the final book will be called ‘Fragments of Unpicked Seams’.


And here are the tiny blind prints laid out waiting to be pressed under boards and dried.


The next thing to do will be the recesses in a thicker paper which will be the  body of the book – book making is full of process!