My last printing plate failed to meet the grade – it just didn’t capture the spirit of the Venetian Lace, so I cut it up



and used parts of it to try out various versions of blue/black.


And I started again. One of the identifying characteristics of needle lace are the ‘brides’, buttonhole stitch bars that join all the design features together and stop the whole piece falling apart. They have small picots (loops made out of buttonhole stitches) along their edges and in my new design I included some of them and my piece of Venetian Lace was beginning to take shape.



I had always intended to cut this plate up and not print the whole design and here is a 3cm x 63cm coming off the etching press and thankfully I like this version! It is 63cm as that is the length of my recently purchased piece of Reticella lace.



An afternoons printing gave me four 4cm and four 3cm prints and they are under weights until they are fully dry – part of the issue in making books is that the paper has to be perfectly flat and dry before it’s folded. It’s unlikely that they will be made into books until the new year.



Feeling better now that I have overcome the failure of the first plate!!