I’m sure that we all say that we are busy, but it has felt even more so for me following our holiday, the garden had grown and grown and I took part in the Saltaire Makers fair which was over three days.
People often ask how long it takes to make a book and when I write this blog I realise that with the gestation period, the printing plate making, the printing, the waiting for it to dry and then the book construction – it can seem somewhat protracted.

I was reminded of this when I wrote about my ideas concerning ‘Edges” see here and that was at the end of March. I constructed three plates, two to be inked and one for embossing to represent the area off the edge. The designs were drawn from a piece of woven silk from the middle of the C18th. I have been trying to find out more of its history but unless I come across the same design somewhere I don’t think that I will get much further.

I have done the printing and the first book is now nearing completion, it’s going to be called ‘An Unpicked Seam’, the bottom is printed with the embossing rising above it, there is a line of stitches holes with a few remaining threads and I have applied painted tissue to the reverse of the printing to reinforce the idea of the fabric.








Just needs to go into the book press.


My friend Kate Bowles, see facebook, gave me some home dyed madder silks and threads – will have to do something wonderful with these lovely pieces.


and finally my stand at the Saltaire Makers Fair, such a lovely event at this World Heritage Site.