no 3


I have been peacefully making the books that I had started during the North Yorkshire Open Studios weekends.

I had collected several bits of books in various stages for me to complete later, watching glue dry isn’t exciting for visitors and printing is too disruptive and close work with a scalpel is too dangerous to contemplate, so they had to wait.



But I have managed to print,


no 2

Print papers from one of my favourite blocks



and lace some books – it was lovely to return to stitching signatures, something that I hadn’t done for a while.


no 6

However the plate that I had constructed for demonstration purposes didn’t work out, I still like the design and will return to it later but I don’t think that I gave it enough thought whilst there were people around. Still we move on via our mistakes.

I have been thinking hard about my art and not getting very far – a friend talked about living in the moment and I really liked this idea but as I’m definitely a ‘list lady’ my mind is always on the next thing. I did spend a few minutes, whilst drinking a whole mug of coffee watching a great spotted woodpecker eating from the nuts just outside the studio window. This lovely sight has stayed with me so I suspect that the idea of ‘living in the moment’ has a lot to offer.

But at the moment I have given up thinking and started doodling designs and already I feel more content