Somehow it seems strange to be thinking about colour when all around me in the garden and the fields it is all washed out – shades of straw and pale green – it will rain soon!



I have been referring back to my notebooks, I’m up to book 26 this year, as I wanted to consider a different palate of colours for my series of artists’ books inspired by silk and I pulled out these references from 2015 and 2016. I liked the depth of the purple/aubergine and the zing that either euphorbia green or magenta pink could give the purple shades.

This investigation into colour led me to delve into my stash of painted papers and I decided that the really beautiful ones would make covers for notebooks – so I folded long lengths of watercolour paper into concertinas, made the covers and here they are drying after being coated with acrylic wax to seal them. Have to admit that these 11 x 13cm book covers don’t look brilliant on silicone paper and my green cutting board – but they will by the time they are finished. Just goes to show what colour can do.


And here they all are, they just need some packaging and then they are ready for Art in the Pen in Skipton next month



The first batch of silk inspired prints are still drying but I have been busy framing books into the box frames. Six will be needed for the Great Print Exhibition over the winter and setting them all out like this allowed me to select six that made a related set. So then I had to make padded bags for them and label them – all set and ahead of schedule.



I have also uploaded to Pinterest images of books that I have completed since March this year.

In case you were wondering the hedgehog is still making his walk up the garden in the evenings and a couple of nights ago there was a baby one, fully covered in spines but he would have been small enough to sit on my hand – it seems such a privilege to have them around