I am so pleased that I undertook several sessions of printing as the weather has turned very hot and I doubt that my success of last week could be repeated. So it’s great to think that the prints are drying nicely in my hot studio

I wrote last time about the books in box frames that I was concentrating on for forthcoming exhibitions and I have been working though my designs – there is one at the top of the page and another here. 


I have been lacing them, with pamphlet stitches to a background of heavy watercolour paper.

This is how I left my studio yesterday evening, books in various stages of completion, all under weights and drying.


Last week we went to London for a few days and, apart from shopping, I spent time in the V&A Museum. We lived within the M25 for over 30 years and it was easy to visit the museum and to take students there. There have been many changes and I’m saddened by the removal of many of the textile samples in the galleries. However it was lovely to see again the wonderful examples of C17 and C18th fabrics and clothing – it’s like touching base.

Another base is going into the studio after being away and just smelling the atmosphere! Somehow it is central to my core.

This coming Sunday, July 1st, I will taking part in  ‘Crafted by Hand” in Masham Town Hall North Yorkshire – a beautiful event in a lovely Dales Town