The ‘Slow and Soft’ days of my last post didn’t last, I was content with the rhythm of the late summer days – did too much gardening and my back suffered! It’s probably true to say that I am pottering around rather than making great strides.

Still process has been made with the project of ‘Stories from the Cloth’, it’s cotton at the moment and most of the work for a set of books has been completed. Whilst I am interested in the uses that the original length of cloth was put to I am intrigued that the cloth was precious and every last possible usage was pressed out of it before it was finally scrapped – it had a value to all who who owned it. So different from today.

My original plate, (the whole cloth), was cut up and/or realigned until eventually the plates were small and far removed from the original. I hesitate to say useless as many of my antique textile pieces are fragments and to me they still have a wonderful usage.

There are little piles with rubber bands and ‘post it notes’ on surfaces




and I managed to pass sets of embossings through the press.


I was concerned that as it was a set of books all related to the same inspirational source the book covers should all be the same, this can be quite daunting as no two sheets of painted paper ever comes out the same! I hit on the idea of inking up cotton fabric and running it though the press to create a print, there are some differences because of the size of the book.





Hopefully next time I will be able to show the full set of ‘Stories from the Cloth’ cotton, back willing!