This last couple of weeks have gone to plan but there have been many distractions – all enjoyable but time in the studio has been short.

There have been visitors and an outing  to see the Alison Watt exhibition at Abbott Hall in Kendal in the Lake District – such a memorable set of large paintings of drapery and folded paper and so absorbing I kept wanting to see ‘behind’ the subject – an exhibition that will always stay with me.

I had been invited to exhibit 6 prints in The Great Print Exhibition at Rheged near to Penrith, such a privilege to be amongst such a stunning group of printmakers, 60 in total. This was another lovely day out, the views going north on the M6 between the Lake District and the Howgills is always something to be enjoyed. The exhibition runs until February 3rd.



My prints are in the connecting space between the two large exhibiting rooms.


I did manage some folding of my last set of prints – these will make up three designs of books totalling 8 books altogether. The designs are all part of the body of work concerned with ‘unpicked seams’


And when husband and son went to the football on Saturday I printed a new Baroque  lace plate  to make up books that I devised 18 months ago but never fully resolved what to do with them, and then it came to me whilst doing the ironing, a favourite time to let my mind wander. 



I used a different type of paper, Zerkhall Rough, which I had experimented with before and as these new designs have lots of folds a lighter paper was essential. Full details to follow when the ink is dry.

This Marc Chagall quote came my way during the week and I have to say that it resonated with me.

                                                                                                           “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”

The joy of having an idea and then following it through is magical !