As always there has been a mix of things happening.

There had been the lively Leeds Print Fair in the centre of Leeds, there were lots of visitors and, one of the most enjoyable bits, good conversations with people and other printmakers. It was cold standing on the stone flags though!

As I have said before ideas can take a while to germinate and sometimes they have been mulling around for a while and then suddenly they take off and I have to get down to doing something tangible with the idea. This time it’s been about framing books so that they can hang on a wall.
I bought a frame which I felt was the right size, thought long and hard about the depth but felt that if it’s too deep the light and delicacy of the book would be lost and I started to play around with shapes and styles of books. The proportions of the books is so important and it was interesting being controlled by the frame.
I constructed four trials, I have already altered two and they are just lying there for my consideration over the next few weeks. I’m under no time constraints so that is good.



I have also been edging towards a new printing plate. The last piece of lace that I bought was C17th Venetian and I sorted out three more pieces of C17th Venetian lace and using these as inspiration I have made a printing plate which I have been working on  over the last few days and it is now ready to be sealed, cut up and printed. I have in mind a dark indigo colour and the books will be light and open to represent the lace. We’ll see what happens!





It feels very good to have two projects under consideration as the nights are drawing in and the only outside jobs are sweeping up leaves!