I have completed my penultimate book for Printfest called ‘Fragments of the Narrative’


A week ago I returned from participating in BABE, Bristol Artists’ Book Event – it’s held every other year in the Arnolfini Gallery and I was a part of it in 2015. It’s large, joyous and fun and alongside the stands there are workshops and events and a wonderful cake trolley! The weather was hot and there were lots of visitors and I had some lovely conversations.

My stand just before opening time.

Version 2

Now it’s back to concentrating on my next event, Printfest in Ulveston at the end of the month, April 29th and 30th – it’s the only event that I do where it’s not a table but a stand and displaying my small books can be challenging. I am left with the labelling and the gathering together of props so am feeling on top of it.

Another view of ‘Fragments of the Narrative’, just one more book to complete.



There are 8 individual Collagraph prints, all are odd shapes, the inside of the covers are painted papers with Indian wood block print images and it stands 12cm high.


No more images – who wants to see me tidying the studio or reading following up my next idea!