It does feel that the weather dominated the last two weeks – it has rained a lot and whilst this isn’t unusual for the north of England it is the very low level of light which has been the overriding influence. The lights have been on all day, every day and when colour has been important in a piece I’ve given up with the hope that it will be better tomorrow.

So progress has been spasmodic but yesterday I managed to capture some images of the books that I’ve been working on



These are ‘A Seam is Within, an Unpicked Seam is an Edge’ – this idea began last March and somehow I think that there are more books to come. I have incorporated machine stitching and machine stitching with no thread, so leaving a line of pricked holes. The thread is silk and the Collagraph printed designs are inspired by C18th silk fabric.



And these are two books inspired by the edges of Baroque lace constructed from prints with grey/silver ink which I showed in a previous post when I used a lighter paper which gave a good final result as there are many folds to be held in a small  book design.

This is the pile of printing experiments that I hope to tackle next week – time will tell whether they are useful to me but what ever happens pushing ideas a little further always adds to my knowledge.


I did manage to update my ‘Handmade Book’ page on Pinterest with images of books completed during the second half of the year.