When I posted last time I had hoped to make progress and I suppose I have but my first plate designed around woven silk and what happens beyond the edges wasn’t good enough – it didn’t capture the spirit of the silk and neither did it print well, so it was back to the drawing board. Mistakes are fine but when one is baffled as to where it went wrong it’s frustrating!


So I started again and this is the design that evolved, they are two interconnecting plates, which I sealed this morning and it will be next week before I will be able to print them.


On Saturday I shall be at The Leeds Print Fair. This year it’s at Holy Trinity Church Arts Centre, a very short walk from the train station

I have also begun to place books within box frames, see the image at the beginning. It took some working out as there needs to be a balance between the book and the depth of the frame, too deep and it looks heavy, too shallow and it’s difficult to fold the paper. Anyway it seems to work as two were sold at Saltaire and at Turn the Page, so that was very pleasing. 

I have also revamped my sales page for those who are unable to visit the events that I’m participating in.

And finally – we have a visitor most afternoons, this hedgehog trips across the flags and likes it underneath the car! I hope that there is s good diet of slugs and snails for it (and a family?)