In the End I got there.

My problems with printing have now been resolved – whilst it was frustrating that last weeks plates hadn’t worked it was more that I didn’t know why. I put it down to the warm days and then I learnt that in about 1900 in New York the printing trade was having difficulties with their ink as the working day progressed and they commissioned engineers to work on this problem and that was the beginning of air conditioning. You learn something new every day – and isn’t that a wonderful thing!

I constructed a new pair of plates, in the picture they look a little like fish, however they are the beginning of a new set of work, working with designs from C18th silk bringing together ideas about edges and what happens beyond them. In October I am taking part in the Huguenot Festival in Spitalfields London and the theme is contemporary interpretations of the Huguenot skills that they brought to England. A really interesting project.

I have just acquired this piece (possibly) Spitalfields silk  from the C18th- it’s a bit larger than A4 paper, two images of the front and one of the reverse. There are unpicked seams on every edge and I have yet to work out what the seams mean – it’s too small to think that the dress fabric ended up as a cushion and anyway the remaining threads seem to date from the C18th. More interesting research to be done.




Here I have compared the design of the flowers with a piece of Chintz from 100 years earlier, always interesting to see how designs evolve.


I have received an invitation to exhibit in the Great Print Exhibition  in Penrith over the Winter and I have been working on books in frames – making unique pieces has such a different feel to making a small edition and I have found it enjoyable and challenging working with many small folds of paper in different ways. So far I have completed four and they are waiting to be framed.