Following on from my last blog I have to admit that “stories from the Collection” has evolved into ‘Stories from the Cloth”.

After all my thinking I began to research and began with a time time from 1660 to 1800 with technical advancements, political influences, trade treaties, legislation regarding cloth down one side and design and textile notes on the other. I chose 1660 as the start as it was the Restoration of the Monarchy and 1800 saw the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in full force.

The desk was covered,



I arranged some fragments according to date


And others according to type



These exercises, and plenty more rearrangements, lead me to consider the changes in materials throughout this period, from linen and wool to the appearance of cottons with woodblock printing and then to copperplate roller printing to the fabric by the 1790’s.

More thinking and research is required but I have a beginning.

I have also managed some printing which is now drying.


This shows the inked up plates and the embossed plates laid out on the press for the paper to be placed on top.

And here are the four impressions that I printed.

IMG_3921 2
There was also plenty of gardening as Spring has arrived!