No financial advice here!!

I’m referring to the amount of time, brain power, skills and resources that are invested in a new plate. Ideas are sparked from research and the actual textile fragments so I find myself holding ideas in my mind and scribbles on paper until I can marry the idea to the shape of a book design.


I’m continuing with the ides of “Stories from the Cloth” and felt moved to go with this piece of Dresden White Work, dated c1760, fine pulled worked stitches to cotton muslin. It is c15cm top to bottom and would have been made by the yard and gathered around a cuff. This exquisite piece would probably have been professionally made but there are plenty of examples that were home made. When cotton chintz dresses became popular in the C18th linen lace fell out of fashion to be replace with lighter ‘lace’, ie whitework.

It was necessary to plan the book to make sure that all my measurements were accurate and here I needed a 30cm plate.


So my doddles were formally drawn out, the mirror image traced on the window


and then the plate was made and is currently waiting for a period of open ended time to ink it up and print.  I find I can’t print when there is a time pressure!