That I haven’t made much progress this fortnight.
The holiday disrupted the flow but I was able to print four prints designed from a piece of Dresden white work. I had completed the plate before going away, see here, so that was uncomplicated to ink up and go!




IMG_3956 2

There has been plenty of gardening done and my ‘work in progress’ table is full, I have managed to fold a couple of editions of books, but both need further work on them before I can consider the covers. My “Stories from the Cloth’ series of books will probably all have similar covers, so the final stage will be a few months off.


We visited Printfest in Ulverston in the Lake District at the weekend, such lovely work – and having been selected in the past I fully understand how much work goes into the organisation and also the hours spent by each individual artist. So thank you all for providing such a grand display of the printmakers art. I did however purchase some inks from a different supplier from my usual ones so I am looking forwards to a few sessions of experiments.

My “Stories from the Cloth” is just being parked – the ideas jotted down but somehow, without an immediate deadline, experiments look like a bit of fun.