A key element to both printing and book making is process – there is the original spark of an idea, it is then researched, sketched out, refined, drawn clearly, altered, sometimes repeatedly and then the printing plate is made with consideration as to the books that I have in mind. There is no point in it being too short nor in the finest detail being diminished because of a fold.

Bookmaking is also a line of processes, cutting, folding, assembling, and stitching and then there are the covers and all the stages that they entail.

I have found myself tested over the last fortnight the weather and festiveness have played havoc with the smooth running of the processes of printing and book making. I have made progress but somewhat erratically and I will be glad of a clear run so that I can get back to a rhythm.

I took the Venetian prints into the house to be folded and here they are back in the studio following this first stage.







Here you can see the lovely imprint of the Venetian lace into the paper and the collagraph print on top I’m really pleased with the outcome.