This last fortnight has either promised snow, or it has been snowing so the plans that had been made have had to be cancelled but it did mean time in the studio.

I have been completing the ‘Lace’ books which I had begun to construct in my last posting and I’m pleased to say that all 16 have now been completed. The weather has been so grey that I have not been able to take good quality images – they will have to come later.
These images show some of the stages

Here are the prints folded and with the apertures cut into them



two concertinas cut and bound together with red linen thread
and the completed books arranged together, also see the top image.



On the next book the ‘flags’ are being glued down, each flag has silicon paper underneath its edges to stop any glue that spreads from touching anything else.


Here is the concertina with the flags stitched to the concertina with the apertures cut into the folds


and here is the complex method of gluing the covers to the book, two layers of card are placed between the bull dog clips and the cardboard so that the covers are not marked.


As well as all that this image shows a third of my printing for my ‘Woven Silk’ set of books which are all waiting to be fully dried before folding.

The diary has also been filling up, I knew before Christmas that, as part of PagePaperStitch I will be at Pages, the International Artists’Book Fair in March and I have also been selected for the Saltaire Makers Fair, Turn the Page in Norwich and ‘The Printed Page III’ at the Abecedarian Gallery in Denver USA – see the Events page.