These last two weeks have been busy, so whats new!!

I completed the three books inspired by silk and a copy of each went with me to ‘Turn the Page’ – an artists’ book fair in Norwich. I had participated in this fair a couple of years ago and like then I had a wonderful time. It’s great to have chats with fellow artists and exchange ideas and compare new styles and materials – there are always new things to stimulate ones own work and everyone is so generous with information.


Here we are setting up. The Forum in Norwich is an airy glass structure in the city centre and people have to pass through to enter the Library so there is a mixture of visitors who came deliberately and those who stumbled upon us and were pleasantly surprised!

Meanwhile the garden grew.




Through the hedge


Version 2



I now must turn my mind and fingers to working further with my ideas surrounding ‘what happens beyond the edge’ and ‘unpicked seams’ as before I know it the events and exhibitions in the autumn will be upon me – hopefully I will be able to demonstrate progress next time.