I can imagine that many of you were underwhelmed by the scrap of fabric featured  in my last post, but hopefully you could see what potential I could see regarding its story.

During this last fortnight I have achieved the printing following on from the designs and I took photos of each stage for you to see and maybe comprehend what i saw in the scrap of cotton.

First I doodled a design into the size of the plate I wished to construct – also shows my research notes


Then I formalised the design


Then I began to plan which papers I would use


Then to segment off the base layer


Then to glue down the base layer papers to grey board- it was then placed under weights to dry for 24 hours


Then the top detailing was applied and the holes (for the unpicked seams) were made


The inked up plate ready to go though the etching press


And finally, well apart from the book construction, 3 prints


I have also spent a lovely week end in London and on the Saturday took part in the ‘Skills of the Huguenot Day’ in Spitalfields – it was most enjoyable with every visitor interested in my silk samples and books, there were lots of cough sweets eaten and it was definitely an early night!