At the beginning of each new year I cover a new spiral bound notebook to be used as my ‘day book’ for the year, 2018 is number 26! For the cover I use work that I have previously made and have had tucked away, my 2018 book is on the left.

I have been working on the Venetian lace series and have now done the cutting and folding and the four different books are in their boxes waiting for further attention.



I began with the uneven folded concertina with the embossed lace and the collagraph print on top, this is the book made from the whole piece of lace – well the piece in my possession.

Here are the four books of the edition, which I have called ‘A Length of Lace’ laid out with the covers freshly glued on waiting for me to put weights on top whilst they fully dry, I usually leave them over night.


This is looking down to the studio from the house and tells the story as to why I haven’t been to the studio every day.