Been happily printing in red this last week, there are two prints on the paper and when fully dry they will have holes stamped into them, the top edge cut to the top curve of the print and then made into a concertina book – all inspired by the research that I have been doing into madder dyes and printing to cotton cloth.

I seem to be a messier printer with red ink than I do black!  This is the plate ready for another inking up.



I have also completed an edition of 5 books called ‘Not the Whole story’ inspired by the transfer of embroidery designs to India in the C17th.





I have also managed to upload images of the books to Pinterest that I completed in the autumn and I’m ready for 2017 with my new notebook, the bulging one from 2016 is on the left. The 2017 one is number 25, its a very comforting thing to note that over those years I have enjoyed myself and developed skills and ideas and I sincerely hope that there is more to come.



I hope that you are also ready to embrace the New Year!