Four Flag books completed

In many ways it has been a strange fortnight, the weather has been poor and coupled with a cold I have spent much time at home. It has resulted in lots of printing sessions and completing four flag books.
This can take time, as each line of ‘flags” needs to be glued and I place a small piece of silicone paper underneath each so that any glue leakage doesn’t attach itself to the concertina fold.



Still the end results are fun. These will be going to “Pages” the Leeds Artists’ Book Fair in March.




These red prints will be cut up,I thought I should explain the odd sized borders! They are inspired by madder dyeing and spotted fabrics of the late C18th. There were whole factories where women printed cloth with blocks with wire punched into them to make the dots, either as a background or as a design. Actually they dotted the fabric with mordant and then the whole cloth went into a dye bath. The cloth would then be washed, the unmordanted areas washing clean and then stretched onto tenterhooks to dry and bleach in the air. I think that ‘tenterhooks’ is a favourite word along with ‘gallivant’!







This detail from another printing session will become an uneven concertina book and is about the designs being sent to India in the C17th for the textile workers there to interpret onto cloth and then to be exported to England.

One more batch of printing to do and then hopefully some book making when the ink is dry enough.
A contented and peaceful time