The second in my series “Stories from the Cloth” is starting to materialise – this time it’s silk.
My source of inspiration is the lining to the 1750’s gentleman’s waistcoat that I only have the front of – still there is a lot to learn from it.




The design as drawn and the textures and intensity of each colour established and the printing began.



The new colour was certainly a departure for me and I’m really pleased with the ‘antique’ effect that I feel that it conjures up.

The book designs had been planned and the prints made from diminishing pieces of the plate and are now drying.



When I studied the waistcoat this time I was intrigued by the hook and eye at the bottom inside of the buttons



It’s steel and spring loaded and bears the mark CHOLLS and for all that it’s only 1.2cm long – a tiny piece of clothing history.

I have also been gallivanting – a trip in a small boat amongst the islands to the west of Italy and here is a photograph from Sardinia which beautifully reminds me of the blue skies and sunshine on this wild, wet and windy day in Yorkshire!



Looking forward to making up the books.