There is a smell of Autumn in the air with less rain around and I haven’t another event to think about so my attitude is somewhat relaxed – I have been doing a little of this and a little of that.

My red prints are still drying, but there is no rush and I have been tiding up a bit.



This drawer was full of my sketchbooks (there are others!), the latest dates from 10 years ago and I hadn’t opened them since I moved into my studio 3 years ago so I thought that I’d throw them away. I held the thought for several days and it still felt right, so I thumbed through them and pulled out a few bits that I wanted to keep. However I didn’t want them to go into the paper recycling so they are waiting until the fire is lit in the house – they are in a bag in the garage and the decision still feels right and I am content. Ten years was chosen as we returned north to live 10 years ago.



I bought some new oil based inks, so I tried them out – the blues are for ‘Indigo’ cloth and the metallic colour is for ‘Silk’ cloth, the latter will be inspired by this silk and linen lining to my piece of a silk waistcoat from the mid C18th.


And I have been painting papers for the Cloth series – should wear gloves!