The cooler weather has allowed me opportunities to garden and I have made the most of it – so much catching up and digging up during the last couple of weeks – free aerobics!

I have however managed to complete a batch of different cards and undertaken some printing which is now drying  and waiting for the book making stage.

There has been progress with my exploration of ‘Edges’ – the full explanation can be found here. It took me ages to find the link for the first time that I discussed this idea in a blog and I was surprised to see that the original idea was 5 months ago. There is still so much more to explore but here are some images of books completed in the last week with their titles which hopefully will explain the ideas behind the designs.

A Seam Within


What Lies Beyond I


What Lies Beyond II


What Lies Beyond III


I have been specifically working with my silk fragments so that I can take the books and fabrics to the Huguenot Festival in Spitalfields, London, in October. I shall be taking part in the ‘Skills of Huguenot Day’ on October 20th