Image 1


There has been time to upload several images to Pinterest, this is Baroque Lace III. The blog posts seem to capture the making and the composite parts of the books but the images of the complete books find their way to Pinterest for all to see.

Back in my blog of April 24th, which you can see here, I displayed drawings and the plates inspired by the quote, “Send us some chintz in running flowers”. I have now completed the books during this peaceful period.


Image 2

“Send us some Chintz in Running Flowers I” measures 9.5cm tall and extends out to approximately 50cm. The print is black and white.


Image 3

“Send us some Chintz in Running Flowers II” measures 11.5cm high and also extends to approximately 50cm. The print is grey.

These will be part of my stand at Art in the Pen at Skipton Auction Mart on August 12th and 13th August where I shall be with my fellow book makers, Elizabeth Shorrock and Joan Newall – we are PagePaperStitch.

There have been some frustrating times with my printing, trying out new ideas and methods can be time consuming, especially when your efforts go into the bin. However trials can be character building! I remain cheerful and I have yet another idea which I will tell in the next posting.