I am pleased to say that I have completed the series, ‘Stories from the Cloth’ inspired from cotton. I have enjoyed the discipline of working through the original idea and am looking forward to the next in the series – silk.

The largest print became “A Yard of Madder Chintz” – I chose red as the dye from the Madder root produced a range of red colours dependant upon the mordant used and was very common in all chintzes. The print measures a yard.



Then comes “Half a Yard of Chintz” – this is a concertina, backed by painted tissue paper and bound to the cover by Pamphlet stitch.



Next, “ The Unpicked Seams” – many of my textile fragments show evidence of unpicked seams and then new seams overlaid in order to create a new garment. The holes represent the marks left in the cloth from the previous stitches.



“Edges of Chintz” – here the plate has been cut up and printed to a lightweight paper, (the cloth is getting more fragile the more it’s used), there are holes representing the unpicking and the concertina reduces in size.



Finally there is “Fragments of Cotton” – small blind prints inserted into embossed recesses in the heavier paper.



I feel that the Collagraph plates have been used to their full potential, they have deteriorated and been cut up just like the fabric.
Whilst I have ‘Silk’ in the pipeline I feel that this idea of reusing and extracting the full potential from a plate/fabric is a subject that I will return to – I was a child of the 50’s and remember that full use was made of all items of clothing.