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The building works between the house and studio are now complete, thankfully before my farmer friend had to go and deal with lambing – that would have meant a couple more weeks with loads of grit and mess to walk through.

There is such a story in reclaimed flags, these were originally from a local factory and then someones patio and now here. One of the flags has EIIVR scratched into it – Edward VII, first decade of the C20th, fancy that!

So the last few days have been cleaning, am I the only artist whose studio smells of bees wax polish? My shoulders ache from power hosing the old flags to looks clean as the newly laid – it does mean that I can walk outside without changing shoes which is a break through.

In my last post I showed an image of dozens of small blind prints, these have now become three books and the prints placed within recessed areas. The books are called ‘Fragments of  Unpicked Seams’, there are 22 prints to each one and I decided to make boxes, (smaller than 10cm on the long side), for the books.




These along with others from the ‘Unpicked Seams’ series and ‘What happens beyond the Edge’ books will be going with me to the Leeds Artists’ Book Fair next weekend – see the Events page – do come along if you can and do say hello. It’s a brilliant Book Fair now in it’s 22nd year.

It’s been a few years now that I have been writing these blogs and this is the first year that the frogspawn has arrived in February – I know because I’ve always commented on it, so  if I didn’t write the posts I would never have noticed when it arrived!