I have managed to complete this book and I’ve called it ‘Silk, Shimmering in the Candlelight’

High end weaving processes and design of silk in the C18th often incorporated metal thread in the weft, this would make it magical and opulent in candlelight and this is also where it would be seen by most people – a true status symbol.

My book, because it wavers on the 5 hole pamphlet, moves a little so hence the title.

I have also been giving a lot of thought to my next edition and I have found that I’m not ready to leave the idea of unpicked seams, so before I can design a Collagraph plate I need to consider the book structures relating to the title. I find it essential to construct mock up books before I start, there is much altering the size, width and length of each before I’m happy and it is from these toiles that I can work out the size of plate to design. Otherwise what could be more frustrating to find that I am a centimetre short – there is so much work put into a plate.

So this is what I’ve been doing – looks a bit like play school!