Time in the studio over the last few days has been short and rather hit and miss with definite short defined pieces of work  being undertaken – however progress has been made and often that it all I ask.

I had found myself running short of ‘whites’ for my printing, ie papers that give me a white/pale colour when printed so I gathered together the possible papers and printed them on top of one of my favourite papers so that I could make judgements. One of those practical but not very exciting jobs.


I also wanted to incorporate printing on top of my painted tissue papers and these are two attempts which also brought in embossing. I’m uncertain about these but you never know what will come in useful in the future!



I did manage some ‘normal’ printing for books, a new plate designed from C17th Baroque Lace. I’m, frequently drawn back to the needlelace samples, in some ways they are complete they have a finished top and bottom but they are in shorter lengths than when originally stitched and so I can readily see how they would have been used. 

The total prints are 56 x 9cm.


Printing often brings back memories, my Mother when making pancakes always said that the first one wouldn’t be good enough and printing can be like that, the first print seems to need ‘bedding’ down and so it was with this print run, the first one, the top one is too dark.

And so to Christmas, Pussy Willow is my plant of choice this year and here it is on my sitting room window.


Greetings to you all and thank you for reading my posts.