Sometimes there are things set to try us and it has been so since I last posted a blog.

For many years I have been happily using double sided adhesive in large rolls and then I found that it has been discontinued! And can I find another supplier – no!

So there comes the purchase of similar items and then that leads to testing – as I used it for sticking parts of my Collagraph plates down I had to see if the new adhesive would withstand the pressures of inking up and rubbing off and also would it cope with a sprinkling of white spirit when cleaning the plates.

So I made some test plates and this is what came out of the tests



Wall paper to wallpaper with the new adhesive – it with stood the inking up and cleaning so that was good. I did however learn that the spray sealant was too cold, hence the blobs.



I used ‘sticky backed plastic’ for the base layer and it definitely didn’t like the white spirit.



Wall paper to the base and then wrapping paper for the design – the new adhesive worked well



Sticky backed plastic for the design worked well but it lifted and didn’t like the white spirit

So the time that it took to work through these has moved me forward and I’m pleased to have found a replacement but not in the large sheets, A4 pieces do have limitations!

And all this in between sweeping up leaves, repeatedly. I am now going to start constructing the books from my last set of prints inspired by the ideas surrounding unpicked seams.