I have managed to complete two editions of books during this last fortnight. The image above shows the book, in an edition of three, with its cover.

It’s a double concertina which reduces in size and these can be tricky, but the effect is interesting and very sculptural. Fixing the end pages and the concertina folds was fun, because as the bead closure is already in place it cannot be placed under weights to dry, so the books hang over the table edge, ( where the beads are ) and then the weights are applied!! I allow each glueing stage 24 hours to dry, so book making can be a drawn out process.



I have also completed two books inspired from a piece of North European lace, it’s a piece that hung around for a long time before I could actually draw anything from it. I like books of different shapes and so I used the shape of the lace, designed a collagraph plate and ripped the paper for the pages and then printed them. They have folded hinged spines, which allow each page to stand free of it’s neighbour.





IMG_3050Both these books will be going to Art in the Pen in Skipton next month.

Many books take several weeks from the idea to the completion, mostly drying time for the ink in the print and then the glueing of each stage, so I have been exercising my mind to think of ‘what’s next?’
There have been times of frustrating agony – inspiration that feels right has been elusive and several design ideas have been dumped but I think that I have now gathered the right words together and I hope that “Stories from the Cloth” will see me through the next few months – hopefully a positive story in my next post!!