I have been busy completing the books that I had planned and printed weeks ago, they are to be placed inside box frames and it was tricky getting the folds the correct depth so that the size was just right. I decided in the end to stitch them to watercolour paper as it is textured and robust and then I will cut the paper to fit. The books are approximately 11 x 15cm.

I had thought that spring had arrived and I spent many happy hours in the garden, but this week winter has returned with snow showers and strong winds – but there is sunshine and this book was photographed on the studio table yesterday, the punched holes highlighting the strength of the light. The book is called ‘A Yard of Baroque Lace’ with a Collagraph print on one side and painted and printed tissue paper on the back. As I had been stitching the ‘Stories from the Cloth’ books another idea came to me, I had been working with the width of those fabrics – but they had been sold in yards, so this has led to six more books, this being the only one competed.











And between times I have been making printed cards for “Pages” the International Contemporary Book Fair in Leeds this coming week end – see the events page – something I’m really looking forward to participating in as part of PagePaperStitch with Elizabeth Shorrock and Joan Newall. I shall be taking along my’Stories from the Cloth’ series.