During this quiet period I have been updating my Artists Statement and CV on my website, whilst it took time I found that interesting ideas were thrown up.

It was good to see that I have done many interesting things, both with my embroidery and printmaking and memories came back of the people that I met along the way and of the work created. I could trace back my interest in book making much further than I thought – paper had always been my preferred ‘fabric’ to stitch on and that was much in evidence.

I suppose that there are, for me, two aspects to my work, the ideas that sparks off the creativity and the processes that bring the ideas to a meaningful piece of work.
Rewriting also allowed me to reconsider my approaches to my work, to analyse the steps I take in order to create and not to see the process overriding the creativity – the ‘why’ I do it and my development along the way. I am enthusiastic about transmitting ideas and the history of the pieces of textiles that have formed an important part of our economic and cultural history, in some ways the conversations that I have at events is a substitute for the teaching that I no longer do. Also a  statement  should capture something of the character of the artist and the thrill of producing the books and prints.

As part of my ongoing ‘Stories from the Cloth’ series I have printed over 20 prints, inspired by the Venetian lace, see here and a dozen cards (well not completed yet). I wondered as to whether lace was a cloth, but decided that for my purposes it was a textile which was then cut up and re purposed for different uses through time, so I have included lace in the series.


and I have decided upon 3 books scaled down to fit into frames – see the top of the map chest.


The cold and snowy weather meant that I took some books into the house to stitch



And the next day made the covers for them


In case you are wondering why there is a random book at the top of the blog it’s because the blog gets notified automatically onto Twitter and some of the images contained in a blog are meaningless when taken out of context! so the header of a proper book.