The title relates to one day last week – I put away my thermal vests, walked without an anorak and had afternoon tea outside!

This coming of Spring allows me to nip on and out of the studio and so intersperse gluing books and gardening – bliss!

I felt that the plates that I used for my ‘Stories from the Cloth” were still sharp. I had been using a silver, with a dash of black, ink for those plates and the integrity of the collagraph plates always seems stronger than when using just black ink.
So I worked out three dictionaries – cotton, silk and lace, the printing was done a few weeks ago and during the last couple of weeks I have been putting the books together.








I use a ‘John Bull’ Method of lettering and I find it very nerve racking as one mistake could lead to wastage but my concentration held and the pages were printed.


And then the books were constructed.




I now have to consider the covers and fastenings.

I do enjoy the problem solving.