Looking back over the last couple of weeks and I feel that I have achieved quite  bit – there are days when nothing much seems to happen but really I should take comfort that there are some lovely things to show for the time spent, It has felt a creative time -  I have steadily worked on my preparation for the Huguenot Festival in October and here I show my line drawing for ‘What Lies Beyond’ which draws inspiration from this piece of Spitalfields Silk from the C18th.



The bottom half of the image shows the Collagraph plate prepared with all the different papers firmly in place.

And here is the first print off the plate. It’s 7cm x 56cm


I have made several prints and some have pieces missing which will be studded with holes to represent the area beyond – well I hope so, we’ll just have to wait until the print is fully dry to see if it works!

I have also taken part, with my fellow artist book makers, Joan Newall and Elizabeth Shorrock. working together as PagePaperStitch in Art in the Pen in Skipton. 180 pens are taken over by artists of all types for the weekend and it is one of the biggest events around.

The picture shows the vastness of the space, the weather was kind to us and the swallows kept away from the work!